Dutch Delftware, Marks and factories                                      

Dutch Delftware, Marks and factories, the long-awaited sequel of: "The timeless beauty of White Delft" leads along four centuries of Dutch pottery glory.

Delft and pottery are inextricably linked. For centuries it has been produced here. Delftware was very popular with wealthy families.

And to this day Delftware is a household name worldwide. For the first time antiques dealer and collector Léon-Paul van Geenen shows his extensive collection of Delft Blue. With hundreds of images, an extensive catalogue and many new insights, this book provides a thorough summary of almost four centuries of Dutch pottery brilliance.



Dutch Delftware, Marks and factories

Léon-Paul van Geenen
Publisher PolderVondsten
ISBN 978 90 817063 7 7


Dutch Delftware, Marks and factories  contains 324 pages
Multilingual edition : Dutch, English, French en Japanese

Measurements 30.5 x 23.5 cm (12 x 9.25 inch)
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